Post-Secondary Education & Training Network

The Post-Secondary Education & Training Network (PSET) brings together volunteers from education, government, employers, and non-profits in order to increase the amount of Racine County students who enroll in and complete post-secondary education - from certificates and vocational training to college degree programs.

Higher Expectations' PSET network believes in using disaggregated data to inform its work. The Career to Cradle Data Dashboards provide an interactive perspective to the data we use.

Our Work

In 2015, Higher Expectations received a Lumina Community Partnership for Attainment grant to support our work. This support helped the PSET network expand its strategies in 2016. Some of these initiatives include:

2016 Racine County Labor Market Survey
The 2016 Racine County Labor Market Survey was conducted in partnership with RAMAC and the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development to study the current labor skills gap in Racine. The survey provides an in-depth look at local employment factors, such as hard-to-fill positions, retirement concerns, internships and work-based learning opportunities.

Labor Force Symposium
Higher Expectations gathered local employers and representatives from Racine Unified School District, UW-Parkside, and Gateway Technical College to discuss opportunities based on the results from the 2016 Racine County Labor Market Analysis.

Summer Scholars
In collaboration with Higher Expectations, UW-Parkside implemented the Summer Scholars program in 2016 to introduce incoming freshman to college expectations and resources before they start their first full semester at the university. Staff from Higher Expectations and UW-Parkside joined a Summer Scholars student to talk about the success of the program, click here to listen.

Fearn House
Fearn House is a pilot on the UW Parkside campus focused on building a sense of community and connectedness while exploring the shared experience of being an African American male on a college campus.

Career Pathways Project
The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning is utilizing local data from the Racine County labor force survey to identify high value occupations and develop career informational sheets which identify the value of post-secondary education for the following career clusters: 1) Business, 2) Education 3) Healthcare 4)  IT 5) Manufacturing.

Listen to WGTD's Greg Berg Morning Show's segment with Higher Expectations Executive Director, Jeff Neubauer, to learn more about this work.

Network Resources 

2016 Racine County Labor Force Survey Overview
Highlights some of the key takeaways from the 2016 Labor Market Survey.

CAEL Career Pathways 
CAEL is a national nonprofit that works within higher education, private, and public sectors to expand opportunities for learning.  In partnership with Higher Expectations, CAEL created career pathway pages which provide information on in-demand careers.

Business & Finance Education & Training Healthcare
Information Technology Manufacturing  

Complete College America National Convening
Staff from Higher Expectations, UW- Parkside and Gateway Technical College recently represented Wisconsin at the annual Complete College America (CCA) national convening. CCA is a national non-profit that works with states with the mission of increasing the number of Americans with quality career certificates or degrees and to close attainment gaps for traditionally underrepresented populations.

Network Partners