We're Hiring: Project Manager (Two Generation Initiative)

Project Manager, Two Generation Initiative

Reports to: Deputy Director, Higher Expectations for Racine County

Higher Expectations for Racine County is launching a Two Generation Initiative that will serve children and young adults as part of a three year nationally funded grant opportunity. The project manager for the Two Generation Initiative will be responsible for implementing the grant project plan; supporting the creation of a family-centered system that aligns all key agencies and sectors in order to best serve families in Racine County and launching a sustainable two-generation pilot program that will embed the following:

  • The voice of low-income families and families of color,
  • a focus on the assets and needs of these families,
  • improved outcomes related to employment and childcare.

The results will be to impact the following areas of post-secondary credential attainment, employment, and kindergarten readiness outcomes for families who currently experience the greatest disparities.

The Project Manager must be committed to the following Higher Expectations core values: shared vision, collaborative action, results-based leadership, evidence-based decision making, and using a continuous improvement process to achieve excellence and equity in employment outcomes.

Core Responsibilities & Outcomes   

  • Facilitate and manage the implementation of a project plan for a Two Generation Initiative to improve employment and childcare outcomes in Racine County for a cohort of individuals by July 31, 2019:
    • Utilize best practice research and key metrics of the grant proposal, develop a project plan for year one of the initial grant period.
    • Identify and develop a cross sector network of support in areas of local business, private, public, non-profit and childcare organizations.
    • Collaborate with cross sector agencies to define outcome measures for successful support of a pilot program for the target population.
    • Support the management and tracking of grant budget expenditures and submit progress reports as required by the StriveTogether Network.
  • Function as the lead staff person to facilitate, coordinate and drive efforts with key stakeholders to support parents as they move from high school diploma to credential attainment and into family sustaining employment by July 31, 2019:
    • Collaborate with community partners to remove systems-level barriers to HSED/post-secondary credential attainment.
    • Work collaboratively with Racine County Workforce Solutions to engage pilot participants with career pathways in order to create opportunities that will lead to family-sustaining jobs.
    • Work collaboratively with the Higher Expectations Employment Initiatives Manager to ensure employer participation in the Two Generation Initiative.
    • Monitor progress of the Two Generation Initiative and create accountability to achieve the desired results
  • Lead efforts to engage family supporting and educational agencies to meet the following  outcomes by July 31, 2020:
    • In collaboration with Higher Expectations team members and other partners, identify data needed to support effective strategy development to align systems so that parents can gain access to high-quality childcare.
    • Work in collaboration with Higher Expectations team and community partners to utilize current research and local data to address the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) on both parents and children.
    • Work with partners to ensure a commitment to using an equity lens to improve employment outcomes.
  • Manage and support the multi-faceted Two Generation Initiative to ensure that cohort development is strengthened over a three year plan of implementation by July of 2021:
    • Engage peer and family networks, coaching and supportive cohort strategies to create a system that works for families.
    • In collaboration with the home-visiting network, identify program participants and implement at-home literacy and social-emotional education programs to enhance current county efforts.
  • Other duties as assigned

Key Attributes & Experience:

  • Leadership – Ability to oversee the work of multiple partners and facilitate their collective work, and to encourage teams to achieve objectives and hold them accountable for their deliverables
  • Communication - Excellent written and oral communication skills and strong interpersonal skills
  • Facilitation – Knowledge and demonstrated success in facilitating multi-disciplinary or multiā€organizational teams
  • Professionalism – Demonstrates the ability to build and maintains an effective system of communications and a positive image for the organization
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving – Excellent ability to think strategically and help teams prioritize their work to meet ambitious goals, ability to address and overcome complex issues to achieve desired results
  • Planning & Organizing – Excellent project management and organizational skills, ability to create processes and systems, manage details and work independently
  • Focus on Equity – Committed to advancing personal and organizational understanding of disparity and equity in the Racine community and ability to act in strategic ways to address those issues, comfortable reflecting on and engaging others in difficult conversations and strategic actions to address inequities along lines of race and income, among others.
  • Adaptability – Champions change and provides tools to assist team and community partners in accelerating the change management process necessary to implement and sustain their proposed improvements, and ability to adapt in a fast-paced environment as the organization and its roles evolve over time
  • Teamwork & Collaboration – Demonstrates the ability to develop and cultivate relationships with community stakeholders and professionals in education, business, faith, non-profit, philanthropic, workforce development, and civic sectors


3-5 years experience in related field with demonstrated experience in relationship management through engagement across sectors including public, private and non- ofit organizations. Preferred candidates will have experience working and/or volunteering in a low-income community.

To Apply:
Submit a Resume, Cover Letter, and salary requirements to Kristin Latus, Deputy Director at info@career2cradle.org. Please note the position you are applying for in the subject line. The deadline to apply is Friday, August 31st; applications submitted after this date will be considered on a rolling basis.

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