From the Annual Report: RUSD Racine Early Intervention

“We receive many trainings & professional development... but attending the REI training [with Higher Expectations] is by far the most meaningful training we have ever had.”

- RUSD Racine Early Intervention Participants

National research suggests that teacher quality is one of the most important factors – if not the most important factor – in student success. That’s why Higher Expectations is committed to helping RUSD provide evidence-based training for their teachers.

In the 2016-17 school year, we supported a professional development opportunity through our StriveTogether Accelerator Fund for seven RUSD frst grade teachers. Through this Racine Early Intervention Program (REI), participating teachers took an intensive credit-bearing literacy course and received one-on-one classroom coaching. Teachers applied lessons learned in their classroom and, in partnership with Higher Expectations, used student-level data to regularly measure each student’s reading progress. Teachers used that data to understand each student’s needs and create student-specifc supports to improve their literacy growth.

Of students who received specialized intervention for a full semester: 5 of 6 had higher reading growth than their class median (MAP) and 6 of 6 had higher reading level growth than their class median. Of classrooms with teachers participating in REI professional development: 4 of 5 had higher reading growth than the median high poverty 1st grade classes district-wide (MAP) and 3 of 5 were in the top 6 of all high poverty 1st grade classes in number of students who met projected reading growth scores (MAP). On the whole, participating teachers showed evidence of improvement in key instructional skills. In its second year, the program will grow from seven to over thirty participants. 

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