Journal Times: Program courts young adults looking for IT work

This year, Higher Expectations brought key partners together around the need for skilled Information Technology (IT) employees within Racine County.

The IT Network, which is a part of Higher Expectations' post-secondary education volunteer team, has developed an initiative called Start IT that will teach the hard and soft skills that an IT career requires to a cohort of currently out-of-work young adults.

Start IT will launch next month at the George Bray Neighborhood YMCA. ​Partners in this program include Twin Disc, Badger Meter, LeewardBA, CCB Technology, the YMCA, Modine Manufacturing, Racine County Workforce Solutions, and retired IT professionals in the community.

This program will build skills for Racine residents while also offering area organizations and companies fee-based IT services, enabling program participants act as consultants to meet their IT needs: At the beginning of the program, students will learn service desk, hardware and software support, web design and software security skills. As participants progress, they will provide technical support to local businesses, nonprofits and community members. You can learn more about Start IT by reaching Racine County Workforce Solutions at 262-638-7706.

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