Journal Times: At Wingspread, officials say Unified is continuing to move forward

Last week, Racine Unified Schools brought community leaders together to report on their "Raising Racine 2022" plan for the next five years. This event highlighted the great work happening at all grade levels, particularly in the high schools, which are about to enter their second year as the Academies of Racine.

Higher Expectations is a proud partner of Racine Unified and the Academies of Racine. We work with the Academy team to reach out and engage Racine County employers so that students can connect their classroom experiences with work-based learning opportunities in our community.

We're excited about the early impact that this program has already had for students. This past year's freshman class (the first to participate in the Freshman Academy) had more students earn seven credits by the end of the year (8% more than the year before) and had fewer disciplinary referrals (6.5% less than the year before). Further, the Student Ambassadors who attended the event expressed their excitement about choosing a career pathway that will help them decide what field they want to pursue after high school. 

Jeff Neubauer, Higher Expectations' Executive Director, believes these changes are putting Racine Unified on the right track to improve outcomes and truly move the needle for Racine's students. From event coverage in the Journal Times:

"Jeff Neubauer, executive director of Higher Expectations, a data-driven initiative committed to building a capable and employed workforce, said the state should give Unified more time to see if initiatives are working.

If interventions are needed, Neubauer said, local officials need to work with the Legislature to put in more sensible interventions and look at what other states have done."

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