StriveTogether: From data to impact

Higher Expectations is excited to share that our Data Manager, Matt Snyder, was recently highlighted by StriveTogether for his great work visualizing Racine County data. Last week, StriveTogether shared a story about the impact of its partnership with the Tableau Foundation, which provided several Data Managers from StriveTogether partnerships across the country with the opportunity to become Tableau fellows. The fellowship program helped bring Matt and this cohort of Data Managers to the "next level" in data visualization, which has had an enormous impact on our work here in Racine County. 

From the article:

In September 2016, a group of about 100 people gathered at the historic Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Wingspread house in Wind Point, Wisconsin. The event was an opportunity for leaders from surrounding Racine County to hear about the county’s progress in creating a “fully capable and employed workforce.”

During the event, participants visited computer kiosks to look at interactive graphs and charts showing the latest data on everything from kindergarten readiness and elementary school reading to unemployment rates in the county.

The “data dashboards” were the creation of Matt Snyder, data manager with Higher Expectations for Racine County. Snyder developed the dashboards during a nine-month fellowship program for data managers from across the StriveTogether Cradle to Career Network. The fellowships were offered by StriveTogether in partnership with the Tableau Foundation, the charitable arm of the data visualization company Tableau Software, and with assistance from InterWorks, one of Tableau’s training partners. The aim of the fellowship program: to support Snyder and his peers across the Cradle to Career Network to go to the next level in their use and presentation of data to drive better educational outcomes.

Snyder said the program offered an opportunity to “break the pattern” of how Higher Expectations presents data to its partners and the local community. Using Tableau, Snyder has transformed the organization’s data analysis and reporting.
While Higher Expectations used to present static statistics on local trends, now Snyder’s dashboards provide up-to-date, customizable snapshots of educational and employment outcomes broken out by geography, demographics and more. Snyder also is using Tableau to gauge the real-time impact of various partner projects — such as a local United Way effort to improve elementary school reading scores with the help of one-on-one tutoring.

Read the rest on the StriveTogether website here!