Kindergarten Readiness Network Writing Book with Alexander McNeece

The Higher Expectations Kindergarten Readiness Network - a group of dedicated volunteers and practitioners focused on ensuring that kids start school ready to learn - has partnered with Racine Unified School District and received support from the Racine Community Foundation to write a Racine-focused Kindergarten Readiness Book.

Across the country, school districts have worked with Alexander McNeece, an award winning school administrator, to create community-specific Kindergarten Books. The goal of creating and distributing this book are to generate excitement for children and families about entering kindergarten and to give children the opportunity to practice and master Kindergarten skills heading into 4-year-old and 5-year-old kindergarten. The Kindergarten Readiness Network has already brought community partners in early childhood together to define Kindergarten Readiness - and has created a checklist of social/emotional, literacy, and motor skills that children are expected to know as they head to 5-year-old kindergarten. You can view this widely-shared checklist online: English -Spanish

Last week, Mr. McNeece led a day-long team book development session with community volunteers. Participants had the opportunity to to highlight the skills they want included, and to work with Mr. McNeece to localize a story that considers cultural, demographic, and community identifiers that are unique to Racine. Next, participants and partners will work together to develop a community outreach strategy that will ensure that the Kindergarten Readiness Network has the resources and plans to successfully share this book with the community at no cost to families.

Click here to learn more about Alexander McNeece, the books' author.