Higher Expectations and United Way of Racine County Collaborate on Race & Equity

Higher Expectations for Racine County and United Way of Racine County have been working together to focus on improving lives in our community, with a specific focus on race and equity. This past Sunday, the Journal Times shared a piece co-written by Rodney Prunty, United Way CEO and Jeff Neubauer, Executive Director of Higher Expectations. You can read that article in full here.

This year, Higher Expectations in partnership with United Way of Racine County, the Racine Police Department, the Racine Unified School District and the Johnson Foundation, organized a local effort — “Race, Equity and Inclusion: A Leadership Program to Accelerate Results in Racine” — that brought 30 community leaders together to explore the complex challenges of race, equity and inclusion and develop action plans targeting the elimination of racial disparities from employment back through early childhood.

Together, United Way and Higher Expectations are learning more about how the community views these issues. People want to live in a community that’s inclusive, safe and has a positive relationship between its citizens and law enforcement. They believe equal opportunity should exist for all races in the areas of education, jobs and housing, and participants would like to learn more about and work to directly and effectively address the racial and ethnic disparities in our community.

We believe that this continued and growing collaboration will have a profound impact on the programs and institutions that provide supports and opportunities for people living in Racine County. Next week, United Way is hosting a Community Conversations Report Out event with keynote speaker Tiffany Jana, where community members can learn about the results from United Way's most recent round of Community Conversations. Jana, co-author of “Overcoming Bias: Building Authentic Relationships across Differences” will discuss her work in the area of diversity and inclusion management.

The Higher Expectations Team will be joining United Way for this important event, and we invite all of our partners to attend and participate as well, please see the event details below. You can register online here!

United Way of Racine County Community Conversations Report Out Event
Tuesday, July 25, 2017 from 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM
Festival Hall, 5 5th St, Racine, WI 53403