Knapp Community School Gains Attention

The Racine Journal Times highlighted progress at Knapp Elementary as its first year under the new community-school model comes to a close. Already, Knapp has provided more than 600 hours of after school programming for its students and offered parents the opportunity to be more involved with their child's education through its Academic Parent Teacher Team meeting program.

The community-school program exists through a partnership between United Way of Racine County and the Racine Unified School District. Together, UWRC and RUSD work to ensure that the whole student is supported and that programming is aligned between the school and the after-school programming.

Preliminary data is showing that the community-school model is having an impact. According to Jamie Racine, the Community Schools Manager for UWRC, the data from the district that shows that students that are involved in after-school programs have a higher attendance, higher grades, and lower office discipline referrals. “Eighty-five percent of our students that are engaged in after-school programs actually have zero office referrals.”

If you want to learn about Knapp Elementary, check out the Racine Journal Times.