Journal Times: Local organizations collaborate on race, equality issues

Higher Expectations is working with community organizations and local leaders to open a dialogue and address racial disparities in Racine County. To bring community members together, Higher Expectations launched a “Race, Equity and Inclusion: A Leadership Program to Accelerate Results in Racine.” With a focus on racial equity, participants aim to develop, refine, and implement action plans that tackle some of our community’s most complex challenges.

The program include three sessions in April, May and June, each taking place over two days, to help community partners begin to explore how issues of race, equity and bias impact our daily work. Participants are divided into teams and will work together to create and implement action plans in specific areas of focus: kindergarten readiness, elementary reading, student safety, and employment. By establishing a common understanding of race, class, and culture, Higher Expectations and its partners hope to analyze the root causes of racial inequalities and develop solutions that eliminate disparities and improve education and employment outcomes in Racine County.

Check out the Journal Times to read testimonials from community leaders, including Racine Police Chief Art Howell and 8th District Alderman Q.A. Shakoor II.