Higher Expectations Data Visualization at Carthage College

Matt Snyder, Data Manager for Higher Expectations, was invited to speak at Dr. Julio Rivera's data visualization class at Carthage College about his experience creating Higher Expectations Data Dashboards, an interactive page on the Higher Expectations’ website where users can review and compare Racine County education and employment data. Matt was asked to come to Carthage because of his success using a program called Tableau, a data visualization software tool used to build the Data Dashboards. Tableau gave Matt the necessary tools to effectively communicate important Racine County data to the community through the Dashboards by making the information interactive. Matt’s presentation focused on how to use data visualization tools, such as Tableau, in real life. Students in attendance said Matt’s presentation was one of the highlights of their class.

Matt was also invited to present at a United Way of Racine County (UWRC) breakfast and at a recent Racine Unified School District (RUSD) cabinet meeting. Higher Expectations received great feedback during both meetings for their data work, especially with UWRC’s Schools of Hope, a program aimed at providing young children with tutors to increase reading achievement.  Higher Expectations has worked closely with UWRC to find ways to more accurately track progress for students enrolled in the Schools of Hope program. By tracking tutor attendance and session length, United Way and RUSD have a more reliable way to measure the success of the program. With this data, programs aimed at improving education outcomes can be adjusted continuously throughout the year with informed decisions, placing student success first.