Journal Times editorial: More full-day 4K options should be offered.

On September 28th, the Racine Journal Times wrote an editorial highlighting the importance of expanding four year-old (4K) options for students and families. Instead of having only a half-day with kindergarten students (the current model in most RUSD classrooms), full-day 4K would allow teachers more time to engage with their students and help them to develop important educational skills, such as early literacy skills that are critical. With local and national data to support the importance of full-day 4K, Higher Expectations is committed to partnering with RUSD and local leaders to explore potential funding opportunities that would allow for the expansion of full-day 4K.


Check out the Racine Journal Times to read more about the importance of full-day 4K and how Higher Expectations and the Racine Unified School District are working together to explore potential funding solutions.