Higher Expectations for Racine County Youth launches the 2015-2016 Annual Report- Measuring Progress, Moving Forward.

On September 12th, 2016, Higher Expectations for Racine County Youth launched its 2015-2016 annual report- Measuring Progress, Moving Forward.  Nearly 80 members of the community-including state representatives, school district staff, school faculty, local employers, and many other community members-gathered at the Johnson Foundation at Wingspread for the event.

Officially launched in 2014, Higher Expectations is an initiative with the vision of creating a Racine County workforce that is fully capable and employed.  Higher Expectations is working with more than 50 partner organizations and engaging the broader Racine community to improve a wide range of outcomes from “career to cradle”, including: 

  •  Employment
  •  Post-Secondary Attainment
  •  Post-Secondary Enrollment
  •  High School Graduation
  •  Elementary Reading
  •  Kindergarten Readiness

The annual report and the event at Wingspread were intended to inform the community about Higher Expectations’ work in the past year, while also having a chance to celebrate the community’s success and recognize the challenges that we continue to face.

The annual report highlights many key data points from “career to cradle.”  For example, high school graduation rates among RUSD students have increased by 7% over the past 5 years.  Those increases are even more dramatic for students of color and students that qualify as economically disadvantaged with increases of 17% points for Black/African American students and an 8% points for Hispanic/Latino students.  While there is much to celebrate, Higher Expectations recognizes that there is work to be done to close achievement gaps.

Throughout the event, Higher Expectations encouraged community members to get involved with its work.  Many of the opportunities presented included engaging with Higher Expectations network and volunteering with local nonprofits, such as the United Way of Racine County’s Schools of Hope program.

The event concluded with a presentation of Higher Expectations’ data dashboards, which can be found the Higher Expectations website.  These dashboards highlight data across the “career to cradle” continuum and provide an interactive interface that allows users to review more detailed data, and in some cases, compare data across geographies.  You can learn more about the Data Dashboards here.

 To learn more about Higher Expectations 2015-2016 Annual Report, click here.