Study: One in four Racine County jobs are manufacturing

New data suggests that one in four jobs in Racine County are in manufacturing. According to a new study from the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI), the economic impact of manufacturing jobs is substantial. In highlighting national data, a new study from MAP states: “While the factory workforce accounts for 9 percent of total full-time employees in the nation, an additional 23 percent of the nation’s workers are linked to manufacturing...For every manufacturing job there are 3.4 full-time jobs created elsewhere in the United States to support manufacturers’ efforts."

With two to three times the national average of jobs in manufacturing locally, Racine County Workforce Development Board Chairman Tom Burke highlighted the need to ensure we have a strong and talented workforce that can sustain the industry. 

Read more about manufacturing in Racine and how Higher Expectations is collaboarting with schools and local partners to build a fully capable and employed Racine County workforce in the Journal Times.