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In 2008, the Racine County Workforce Development Board embraced the creation of a workforce development strategy with the vision of a workforce that will be fully employed by the year 2020. Educational, private, public, non-profit, and faith-based organizations met to address the root causes of chronic underemployment in the county, particularly for the inner city of Racine. 

After spending several years creating the foundation for collaborative work, 2014 was the official start-up year for the Higher Expectations collective impact initiative. This initiative builds on the original Higher Expectations workforce development plan and is developing a powerful, multi-year career to cradle partnership in Racine County. 


A Racine County workforce that is fully capable and employed.


Higher Expectations engages community partners, aligns efforts, and maximizes resources to promote excellence and equity in education and employment outcomes in Racine County.


Higher Expectations has launched Collaborative Action Networks committed to using evidence-based and data-driven decision making to identify local best practices, align community efforts, and track progress on key outcomes from birth to successful employment. We have three core goals:

  1. Every child enters school ready to learn

  2. Every student succeeds in school

  3. Every student succeeds in a career


Higher Expectations of Racine County, Wisconsin is a member of the national StriveTogether Cradle to Career Network that launched in 2011 as a way to connect communities who are building cradle to career civic infrastructure using the StriveTogether framework. The Network enables members to identify and adapt programs that work, share expertise, and develop effective tools and resources that can be brought to bear on specific challenges. 

Learn more at StriveTogether.org.

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