Community-Driven Outcome Areas

Groups of volunteers and practitioners are focused on improving the outcomes in the following areas: Kindergarten Readiness, Elementary Reading, High School Transformation, Post-Secondary Education and Training, and Employment. Participants develop and implement action plans to improve student and family outcomes and use continuous improvement processes to measure their impact and improve their strategies over time.

For more information on Community-Driven Outcome Areas, see StriveTogether's Theory of Action.

The Kindergarten Readiness Network is committed to collaborating, using data, leveraging resources, and identifying developmentally appropriate practices to ensure that children and families are ready for kindergarten and that schools are ready for children.

The Elementary Reading Network is dedicated to engaging family and community members, leveraging existing and potential resources, and using data to ensure that 1st and 3rd-grade students demonstrate reading proficiency in preparation for successful continuing education and career readiness.

The High School Transformation and Alignment Network is committed to ensuring that all Racine County students graduate from high school prepared to succeed in college and/or a 21st-century career.

The Post-Secondary Education & Training Network connects and equips both the current and future workforce from Racine County with the skills, training, and post-secondary education needed to attain career success.